B3: Episode 3

For the third consecutive year, Las Pumas Robotics Team 2197 has stormed the Purdue Boiler Bot Battle (B3 for short). Offering an introduction to the unparalleled official FIRST Robotics Competition season is this event, which featured a rerun of last year’s game theme of “Destination: Deep Space.” In this unique game rerun, team members, regardless of skill or veteranship, are given positions in the Drive Team. Consisting of the roles of operator, human player, driver, and drive coach, the drive team witnesses the action of the game from a newly immersive perspective.

Participation in the B3 is not counted in the determination of a team’s ranking for the coming season, which is what allows for the diversity and interchangeability of the drive team roles. This also provided for comfort to our team when our robot faced functional difficulties on the field. “Big T” had seen parades, middle school children, and plenty more action after the conclusion of his 2019 official season run, which was evident in his lacking abilities at B3. While we were far from making it to the final rounds, all members of 2197 in attendance made the most of their experience. President of Team 2197 and spirited attendee of Purdue’s 2019 B3 Sydney Meyers wrapped up the event well in saying, “While our robot had technical difficulties, it was still an amazing last year of B3. We kept our heads up the whole time and truly enjoyed the experience.”

Furthermore, this year stood out from others in our team’s help of LaPorte’s robotics team. Assisting them in revving up their FRC spirit, 2197 has lent them our shopspace, tools, and assistance throughout the B3 season. We hope to see Team 8500 Slicer Techs from LaPorte returning as a competitor to the field this 2020 season!

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