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Las Pumas is a FIRST Robotics team that competes in the First Robotics Championship otherwise known as the FRC. Every year we design a robot to compete in a new game with unique challenges to face each time. A typical year starts with the school year in August, however during this time it's mainly just preparing for the upcoming year of competitions. The real fun begins in January when they announce the upcoming game. The time from the game announcement to the first competition is called the build season, when most of the designing and building of the robot happens. Competitions are many people's favorite part of robotics, and they start right after build season. During this time, we travel with our robot to different competitions across the state and sometimes, like last year, to other states like Kansas. 

What is Las Pumas?

DSC_3239 (1).JPG

At a Glance

  • Starts in the winter and continues till spring.

  • Fun competitions all over the state.

  • Support STEM and STEAM activities.

  • Teaches business skills.

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