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Teaching CAD

Zachary True is 2197’s design lead. During our middle school’s FLL season, he mentored them and promised that he would teach them CAD. Due to lack of equipment, the kids believed that promise would not be fulfilled. Zach, meanwhile, would not let this dissuade him and managed to set up lessons at the high school after their season. With a lot of hard work, he set up lesson, and with hard work comes solid rewards. Teaching others can be very rewarding, and Zach agrees: “It’s an absolute honor to mentor 9453 and 9454 and see all 9453’s work pay off as they made it to the state championship.”

Zach has a lot of fun in the process as well. He personally loves to see how excited the kids get at the simplest things. As Zach recalled, “They were audibly excited the first time they extruded something. It’s the stuff I see as boring and everyday that these kids love.” He found the experiences special. While having fun, he’s affecting the futures of the kids he works with. If these students go into engineering, they will have a very important skill already under their belts. “We’re giving kids an important skill, and we hope it helps them both in FRC and in their career.”

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